Friday, 25 April 2008

day 3 opening ceremony

usual carry-on at these things. someone is MC and introduces folks who have done good things to make the tournament happen and the odd local dignitary.
a group of children do something enthusiastic and mildy entertaining - this time it was gumboot dancing. lots of skinny white kids must be working in the diamond mines nowadays...
a walk-by intro of all the teams
then a group of seasoned performers came on and performed some zulu dancing - probably the best native dancing i've seen at one of these ceremonies.

at least there was no water-polo, or clowns jumping off a dive tower, this time.

best news of the day - all games will be broadcast FREE, LIVE on
downloads will not be free but video quality will be better than the live feed.
so, no excuse not to see our games.

first game is 11h45 v. namibia tomorrow = 21h45 25/4/08 nz time. we are playing with black sticks in pool 1.

second game tomorrow is 15h00 v. south africa = 01h00 26/4/08 nz time. we are black again, same pool as morning game.
set your alarm clock, it'll be a cracker.


Diego Sebastien said...

mint! im gonna get up to watch the safa game.i think will be 6am on friday here? gonna be mighty disapointed if my san diego time converting lets me down. dunno about the namibia one though. i imagine thatll be as exciting as the big japan match of 06?

brendan said...

good luck for your games. i would watch but "The Internet in Durban is currently down"

Coral said...

happy birthday andy. no strip dance from perry im guessing.
good luck for the games fellas, as brendon says durban web is fuct and no coverage. hopefully its up for the saffa game this arvo.
get better soon liam


Wizness said...

f*ck it took me ages to remember my password. So many stupid passwords.

Anyway good luck for the games boys. I can watch them at work sweet.

i saw that photo of my car again (Xang is gone now rest his soul) i still blame Darren for that, i thought i could trust him. Tell him i will get him back one day. Does he have a sister????

good hard boys