Thursday, 24 April 2008

day 2 practice

liam still crook, so still out of the water.
warm-up outdoors in sunshine - finally the weather is coming right.
we had a 15 minute game of 6 v.5, refereed most kindly by Pizazz - new world chief referee.
then we went back to dull old set-play stuff in corners and on the walls.

the guys have everything sorted now and when i ask them to practice something it comes right in a matter of minutes regardless of which personnel are involved. which is as it should be and my biggest hassles now will be who to put in and who to leave out of games.

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Diego Sebastien said...

pizazz is the worst referee in the history of the sport after his efforts in the 06 semi. fact. and liam is always sick, girls blouse. i love you all, except only benson when it gets cold enough.