Wednesday, 16 April 2008

on the road - episode 1

location = singapore
local time = almost 6am

everyone and their luggage arrived here in good condition.
naturally air nz told us when had no ticket details when we rocked up to wellington airport. despite checking in 4.5 hours before the akl-snl leg of the trip started i was told there were no window seats available. how early do you need to check in nowadays?

local conditions in singapore are sticky, to put it mildly.
28 deg C, raining. like being in rotorua swimming pool. i mean IN the pool. euurgh.

most of team are in a dorm room here, sharing with a few young guys from howick college. sadly John, Bryan & I are 4 floors above them in a room with private ablution facilities. we will miss out on all the jolly japes and shared esprit that the hostel room chaps are sharing, but we are tough men and will bear it stoically.

a few emails with with good wishes from past team-mates. AJ, Perry & Andrew Sanders. thanks for those guys - i can now use the blog to not name and shame everyone else.

as soon as i can nab a few cameras i'll get some of the guys photos on here.


ciska said...

At least this time everyone/-thing arrived together. Have a good look around for future reference and have a good time.


Diego Sebastien said...

oh shit i just realised. singapore... keep rowan on a leash, we all know he loves his asian girls!! tell rob to give benson a rimmy from me. ciao