Tuesday, 29 April 2008

competition - day 4

last day before the rest day. why the rest day is in the middle of the RR and not the day after has never been explained.
refereeing randomness continues unabated, but at least we played the aussies today which meant that the refs make less impact. this is because the aussies like to play underwater hockey at underwater hockey competitions. a concept lost on most of the other teams here.
when we play australia we have nice, open, passing games of uwh where 1 on 1 skill is more important than being able to smash the crap out of anyone or thing that moves along the sidewalls.

result of game was a 3-3 draw, which i guess is a fair result as control of the game swung back and forth a bit with both teams scoring off the slightest of mistakes of each other [and both teams got a bonus goal each from the refs when forced to play with only 4] probably the aussies feel hard done by the refs cos we got awarded a penalty shot as well. i have no idea if the call was legit [you know my opinions on refs by now] cos the pool is pretty murky and it's tough to see anything further than 10m away [unless you are a ref in which case you don't need to see things, your imagination is good enough].

apparently there is a refs game scheduled for sometime tomorrow and some coaches have been asked if they'd like a chance at payback by reffing the refs.
i think i'd just like to drop a couple of kilos of C4 explosive in the water when they are all in there and watch them float, dead, to the surface.

all the elite men's & women's teams have been invited to a big braai at the durban underwater club at 3pm. it's an optional event for our team, the women are spending the day at a game park [might be hluhluwe, i'm not sure]. socialising isn't really my bag, but this might be a good opportunity to organise some gear swapping in advance of finals day...


loopy said...

hi robert and ro
thanks for giving us this site.the other site is so frustrating.sounds like it is the same standard as the refs!!!
good you had a challenging game against oz.
hope all is going to your team plans.
good luck
love louise and neil

Richard said...

Hey guys
Pity about the refereeing, although it doesn't really make much of a change from previous years. Hopefully Pizzaz doesn't become the next Wayne Barnes...

Haven't managed to catch any of the games yet, but definitely willing you all on.

Nick said...

Hi Guys, Sounds like a tough tournament for the wrong reasons. Chins up and pull out all the stops to bring back that gold. There's a crowd of people on the websites every day wishing you all success. Enjoy the rest day and all the best for the rest of the tourney. Incidently, has Liam been sent out for 'interfering with other player's equipment' yet?
Can't tell how much we want you to win it